Friday, March 28, 2008

Go Green!

Going green is every where these days --and it should be. Our choices have a ripple effect across the world. If everyone takes just one small step to be more earth friendly, the effects will be far reaching.

Take a tip from Milajne Soligo, VP of Megahair Family group of salons. She launched an EccoBuck incentive program. This program rewards customers who recycle empty hair care containers. For every bottle a customer brings in, they receive a dollar-off coupon redeemable towards a purchase at their salon. What a fabulous idea! Not only are they spreading the word about recycling, they are building stronger relationships with their customers, helping their community and selling more retail product. Genius!

Worried your professional persona will be stifled with earth friendly choices? You can Go Green and still be stylish. There are many options to help make your retail packaging earth friendly. See our complete Go Green Product Line by clicking here!

Not sure what being earth friendly is all about? Click here for our Go Green Tips. It simplifies the earth friendly jargon and provides easy ways to help you start your own go green efforts. Reduce - Recycle - Reuse!

What is your biggest business struggle?

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