Friday, February 29, 2008

Best Promotion Contest!

Share your best promotion idea and win a $100 Action Bag Gift Certificate! Post your most successful promotion you ran Examples -- special holiday event, a charity focus promo, a super sale, customer appreciate day. Share the details of how you presented the promotion and why it was successful. Feel free to post pictures. Our Action Bag team will pick the best promotion from the bunch.

The winner will receive $100 gift certificate for goods and services at Action Bag. Wait there is more.....We will also highlight the winner on our website and this blog...FREE PR for your business. Post your Promotion Entry below today!


Anonymous said...

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. To raise awarness, each client that visited got a free breast cancer awareness ribbon bracelet. If they made a donation to the Komen Foundation, they got 10% off retail product. This was something that caused good will and help spread the word about prevention.

Anonymous said...

We are putting together a spring promotion for pedicures. We went to the dollar store and bought flip flops. We made labels to put on the flip flops offering a spring discount on pedicure and mailed the sandal USPS. Last year we ran this promo and really increased our pedicures.

PS you need to hot glue the labels and stamps on the sandals

Shelly Simpson - Shelly's Salon said...

During the holidays, our salon placed a Christmas tree in the front of their store. They hung mini gable boxes on the tree with the boxes containing gift cards. We used different colors for different amounts. They were a huge retail hit because they created an exciting and a fun way to sell gift cards!

Jaimey Alumbaugh said...
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Jaimey Alumbaugh said...

Hi Everyone...check out more promotions on our MySpace page under "Best Promotion Contest".

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