Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Be on Point - 2010 Spring Trends

You’re in the business of selling image. You need to stay on top of the latest trends and constantly present what is new. It can be hard to stay plugged in while juggling your personal and professional life. Don’t worry – the Bag Lady Blogger has you covered. This month I’m sharing the highlights on color and pattern trends for spring 2010 to keep you in the know!

The color of the year – turquoise. It is a very similar shade to the Tiffany’s signature robin egg blue. Other heavy hitters this season are versions of the pink/orange coral colors. When these colors are paired with turquoise, they provide a natural vibe that encompasses the eco-minded atmosphere seen in many color palettes lately, but more lively with bright warmer tones. Other trendy colors are neutrals in the beige family along with olive green. Add in a warm navy blue, a romantic lavender, a tangy red, and a gleaming yellow to round out this year’s spring colors. Overall the message is soft, warm, earthly but not dull. Click here to see Pantone’s Official Spring Colors for 2010.

Trendy patterns swing from muted to loud. Animal prints are still the rage with zebra, leopard, and snake skins leading the pack. They can range from a natural look to mixing in a bold color. Blooms and flower prints are very big. Patterns range from subtle to loud designs of falling petals or bright blooms. Other stand outs include the sophisticated, classic black and white pairings. Additionally, abstract patterns with bohemian, hippy-inspired prints crossing the run ways. Click here to see these looks in action.

Need help incorporating these trends into your professional image? Check out our packaging options that will give you instant style!

Products on Color Trend for Spring: Flowers of Ceres Collection, In-Side Out Totes, Poly Prop Totes

Products on Pattern Trend for Spring: Skins and Safari Collection, Summer Breeze and Pink Perennial Collections and Mosaic Tile Bags.

Have fun playing with these new trends livening up your business décor and retail packaging. The key to incorporating trends is to selectively pick what works for you. Combining everything at once will be overload. Mix them in as appropriate –colors and patterns right for you, your business, or your clients. Fresh, new colors and patterns featured in your displays, packaging and promotions will create interest and drive up your sales!

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