Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Want to sell more retail products?

In the professional beauty industry, we are the experts on the service side of the business. Many of us have loyal clients with busy chairs. Selling retail products is one area where many of us get stuc. Here are some easy ways to beef up your retail sales and increase your bottom line.

Retail Display
You need a special location to feature your retail products. Typically this area is located close to the check in/out areas. This allows customers to browse if they are waiting for their appoitment and is also easy to upsell at client check out. Your retail display area needs to eye catching. Feature bags with tissue, shelf talkers to highlight specials, and use product risers to add depth and interest. Rotate your display every 4 weeks to keep it fresh and new. Each time a client visits they should see a new display.

Magic Table
Take a tip from the cosmetic departments. Use round tables draped with a cloth and add your product of the month or special offer. This makes the product feel special and draws customers to see what the buzz is about.

Try me - Samples
Customers usually buy more when they can try the product first. Feature try me samples on your magic table. This allow customers to smell and experience your products to be sure they will enjoy it. Provide samples to customers after their service. They will see the difference when they use the products at home and much more likely to buy the product on their next visit.

Staff Education
Many stylists feel they aren’t sales people. They don't want to be “pushy” by halking shampoo. This is far from reality. Educate your staff that selling the right retail products ensures their work will last longer and allows the client to replicate their look at home. It is not being pushy when you are offering to help the client look as good as they are!

What gets Measures Gets Done
The best advice of them all is to measure your retail sales. Have weekly staff meetings reporting on what products are selling the best and who is making the most sales. Brainstorm as a team on ways to improve such as new promotions, retail display ideas, or even new product lines. Additionally,a little friendly competition doesn’t hurt. Offer gift cards or additional time off for the staff members who sell the most.

You don’t always have to offer sales or discounts to increase your retail product movement. Use the power of product promotion to create awareness of your lines, drive interest, and ultimately close the sale!

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