Friday, January 27, 2012

Staying Relevant

Everyone is busy these days. Most of us our running a million miles a minute. We all all being hit with a lot of marketing message - including your clients. It is more important than ever to stay top of mind. Here are some easy tips to help your beauty business stay relevant and keep your clients spending their hard earned money with you!

Be the Expert
Everyday a new do-it-yourself at home product can impact many of your services and retail product lines. Here is where you shine. You are the professional who is trained and certified in your field. You can guide clients into the right look supported by the right professional products. Do-it-yourself items can lead to bad results. Tout your education and make it a no-brainer for clients to go the route with guarantee successful results.

Marketing Matters
You can't let off the gas just because you have a profitable business. Refreshing services, products, and your location's appearance is key to keeping clients engaged and coming back for more. Special offers, loyalty programs, personalize retail packaging, emails and more are needed to break through to the noise and capture clients' attention. Have a monthly promotional calendar and track results.

Stay Educated
Even if you are an industry pro, there are always new skills, tools, and products to learn. Being in the know reinforces your expert appeal and keeps clients coming to you for the latest looks and products.

Meet your clients where they want to be reach. Collect clients mailing and emails addresses. Use them to market specials, new services or products, share newsletters, and VIP event invites. Have a voice on social media sites and engage clients with tips, special offers, and contests.

Staying relevant is about staying involved. Take steps to strengthen your relationship with your customers to keep the sales you have and grow to the sales you desire. What is your business doing to stay top of mind? Please share your own tips below.

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