Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tips to save the Holiday Procrastinators

Are you a last minute Lucy ...waiting until mid November to start planning your holiday promotions? Okay, we will save the lectures for another time and get down to the business of saving your bacon. Here are some quick fixes to save the procrastinator's seasonal sales!

Be the Gift Finder Solutions
If you are the last minute Lucy, we know there are the last minute Larry's scrambling to buy gifts for their love ones. Be their gift emergency solution. Create a Gift Finder Cheat Sheet. This can be as simple as dollar ranges and gift ideas by customer type. Offer suggested gifts at various price points from stocking stuffers to the ultimate gift experience. Ideas can range from a lip gloss or small travel set up to a full day of beauty package. You can also offer gift solutions by type of customer. The classic beauty offer the light pink nail polish, the natural makeup pallet, and the organic haircare line. For the trendy gal recommend the latest metallic shades and the edgy style products. Don't leave out men, tweens, kids or any other customer types you service. Remember to offer various price points. Create a Gift Solution Retail Display with appropriate signage. You and your team can hammer this out in one night of brainstorming, overnight printing of your cheat sheets, a morning of arranging your retail display - and be selling tomorrow.

Gift Cards - Gift Cards - Gift Cards

Oh did I say gift cards? This is the BIGGEST selling retail item of the holiday. Make sure you are promoting your gift cards and certificates at your front desk, reception and check out areas. Talk them up with signage tastefully done in various areas including your service stations. Promote the gift of your services on your website, emails, and social media pages. A promotion that works like gang busters is to offer extra gift money with certain dollar amounts. For example, through in $5 extra dollars at $50 gift card level, $10 at the $100, or $20 at the $150. It is all about adding value. Include the coordinating packaging and you have a no-brainer ready to give gift that shoppers will adore.

Cause-Related Marketing
Its likely too late to sponsor a family for the holiday or join in a toy drive - but you can create your own goodwill marketing efforts. A super simple way is to donate a portion of your profits to a local charity or cause aligned to your business.  This can be as simply as printing up fliers and signage touting that a portion of your profits are going to your cause. You can promote X% on all retail lines or all gift cards sold. People love helping others and if they can spend gift money that is going to a good cause they are more likely to spend with you. Another easy idea is to get a holiday tree in your front window area. Allow customers to offer additional donations to your cause. For each additional donation they offer, allow them to put an special ornament on your tree or put a ring on the paper chain ornament. See how many chains you can wrap around the tree, the wall, the window and beyond. Easy holiday decorations but with so much more meaning.

It's time to get moving, Lucy! Put these tips in place today and squeeze every seasonal sale your way to profit (and help your cause) this holiday season!

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