Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Top 5 Reasons to Personalize your Packaging

Retail packaging can pack a powerful marketing punch.  Adding your logo to your bags, gift card holders, labels and beyond separates you from the crowd and provides many benefits.  Here are the top 5 reasons for personalizing your packaging!
Top 5 Reasons to Personalize your Retail Packaging
1.) Brand Awareness – Everything that touches your customer from service menus, appointment cards, print ads to your retail bags should present a consistent brand image of our business. This repetitive method reinforces your brand in your clients’ memory to spur your name when thinking of your products and services.  Also having your logo leave with your client equates to a walking billboard for your business.

2.) Look the Part – Many of our customers are in the professional beauty business. You need to walk the talk and make your business look just as good as the image services you are selling.  Show you have arrived and look your professional best by showcasing your brand.

3.) Increase Perceived Value – As much as we say don’t judge a book by its cover, first impressions stick with us.  Drive a positive impression by creating a consistent brand with personalized coordinating packaging in your retail displays and at point of purchase.

4.) Low Investment  - What did you pay for that radio ad last week or the mailer in the monthly coupon pack?  Diversify your marketing budget is sound business but keep in mind that for pennies a bag you are building your brand with the people that are actually coming through your doors. 

5.) Extras – Delight customers with attention to detail.  Above and beyond customer service including packaging that provides ready-to go gifts, looks amazing, and shows you care about clients patronage and adds the extras wow-factor to your clients’ experiences. These experiences build loyalty and word of mouth advertising.

Learn how easy it is to personalize your own bags. Visit our Personalization Info Page for more details.

Packaging can be your marketing ally.  Get started today!

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