Friday, October 18, 2013

Strategic Seasonal Selling – Upselling & Cross Selling Tactics

'Tis the season of giving - and buying. Make your location a retail destination by creating a buying environment. Here are some easy tips on how to strategically sell more this season.

Let’s start with some easy definitions.
  • Upselling – driving the client to buy a more expensive product or add features related to the original product/services
  • Cross-Sell – driving the client to spend more by adding additional products
Here are some strategic selling methods.
  • Ask Questions – Inquire about their beauty routine, overall style, ask about their holiday plans and gift giving needs
  • Show & Tell –  Use your retail products during client services to have them experience, smell, touch, feel items.     
  • Consult – You are an educational resource. Share your knowledge and suggestions about what products, ingredients, services will work for your client’s needs. 
  • Display – Create an inviting and informative retail area with organized, full product shelves and self talkers to educate on key selling features of the products.
  • Incentivize  -  Offer commission, bonuses, or rewards for top sellers. 
Now let's put it all together.
Gaining information about your client’s wants and needs uncovers the most effective approach.  Consulting and the Show & Tell tactics allows for both upselling such as adding highlights to that color service or cross selling by adding on a hand treatment. Your retail display offers significant selling opportunity with signage that educates, highlights special offers, and provides ready-to-go group product gift sets.  Offering selling incentives for your staff to put the carrot where you want the behavior will drive results.
Have a team meeting and review these concepts. Touch base each week and share what is working and tweak your efforts as needed. The time is now - Strike while the curling iron is hot! Create a strategic selling approach and ring up those holiday sells.

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