Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bags can Build Your Brand

What would you say to seeing your business name walking around town wherever your client goes?  I'm not talking about a super bowl marketing antic with people tattooing their foreheads.  It is much easier than that. Your retail packaging is a walking billboard as soon as a guest leaves your doors.  Many of your customers are self-described bag ladies. They hold on to bags and use them to take their lunch to work or as reusable shopping bags. Think of all that repeat exposure to your brand.

Here's how to build your brand with bag power!

Packaging needs to follow function. What products are you putting in the bag - small, heavy, short, tall? Once you determine the items you are packaging, then you can zero in on the bag type you need.  Durable with strong handles for heavy items might lead you to a non woven poly bag or for a light weight cosmetic or jewelry item an appropriate option would be small gift bag.

The type of bag you use reflects your brand. To illustrate this think about the thin plastic bag you get at corner store. It says - fast and cost effective. Now envision that high-end department store who wraps your purchase in printed tissue and places it in a glossy, rope handle paper shopping bag. It says - rich luxury.  Where on the spectrum does your brand fall? Paper generally is a higher quality feel verses plastic. Also consider your brand message. Is your business more eco-minded and wants to present an earth friendly appeal? Define the message you want to send and the style will flow.

Color has long been attributed with meanings and emotions.  Red is energy and passion, blue is calming, green is soothing, and purple royal. You likely reviewed color meaning when determining your business logo.  Keep that consistent message going in your packaging.  We don't envision Coke as lavender, we know it is red. Reinforcing your brand colors will build stronger brand awareness.

This critical step is often forgotten. Not only does adding your logo to your packaging look professional, but it is a walking billboard for your business once the customer leaves your store. There are a variety of imprint styles from screen printed, ink prints, hot stamp, heat transfer, and 4 color process.  Each offers different look from subtle to vibrant high detail. The right imprint type will depend on the bag you chose and the art you want to place on the bag.

Bags are far more than a supply item. Bags are a marketing investment for your image and building your brand.  Costs are a consideration. Higher-end materials and printing processes are more expensive. Remind yourself what your business brand stands for and how will that factor into your packaging.  There are many ways to be cost-effective and still reflect your brand message.  Don't forget that as a rule higher volume purchases bring the price per bag down.

Need assistance finding the right bag for you? Our friendly experts will walk you through this process and find the bag perfect for your business. Make your business look fabulous and grow your brand today!

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