Thursday, April 23, 2015

Be a Lifelong Learner

The world changes at a continually faster pace.  Staying up to date on trends is vital to the success of your business. Lagging behind in the latest products, fashions, or styles can cost you sales and damage your brand.  Continuing education offers you the ability to stay up to date on techniques, new business models, or new ways of thinking.  This broadens your skill set and could help you branch out into new areas.  Check out these sources for the continuing education that fits your needs.

Product Training
Vendors often provide training free of charge. Learn product specifications and benefits. Many vendors unveil new items in their training programs. This will assure you are offering the right product to the right client.

Online Sources
In today’s digital age, there are a variety of online based classes. Research topics that are specific to your industry or customer needs. If using a new education source, read class reviews, instructors’ bios, and verify the schools' accreditation status. Many classes are low cost and provide continuing education credits that are a requirement in many professions.

Community College or Local Classes
If the in-person classroom setting is more your style, look into local schools.  Most offer evening and weekend classes due to the demand for flexible education. This is an excellent option for busy professionals or working parents. Confirm the class content and if CEU credits are offered. 

Industry Events
Many industry trade shows offer seminars and classes during the event.  If you are investing in attending, look into any education available. Typically the educators are leaders in the industry offering first-hand knowledge.  Take advantage of learning from the experts.

Life is the process of forever learning. Continuing education allows you to stay engaged in your profession, expands your resume, and can help you sell more.  Become a lifelong learner today!

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