Monday, January 4, 2016

Keep the Holiday Momentum Going in January!

With the holidays over, small retailers might experience a slowdown in sales. While some might welcome the break, below are a few tips to keep the momentum going in January:
  • Offer a special coupon (good for January). Offer current customers (in store or via email) a coupon that they can use in January or Q1. This will bring them back to at least browse and contemplate using the coupon!
  • Offer free gifts, just for buying in January. People love deals. If you prefer not to go the coupon route, offer a free gift for any purchases in January.
  • Launch a new product or service. One way to get more people into your store is to launch a new product. This can also be a way to introduce your brand to a whole new market segment!
  • Contact people who have abandoned items in their shopping carts. Run a campaign to figure out why people are abandoning their carts – offer promotions to get them to come back and purchase what is in there.

It can be hard to get sales in January but with some clever marketing tactics, you can make January a good month. And, of course, if you find yourself in need of a brand upgrade, contact us for some updated branded packaging!

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