Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Prom Season is here... are you prepared to profit?

Prom season is a huge event for the beauty business. From young ladies picking the perfect dress and precisely paired jewelry, planning their hair, going tanning, finding the exact right shade of lipstick... the excitement is contagious!

Have you preplanned to be involved in this memorable event?

Promotion Ideas to assist you:

  • pass fliers about your specials (target high schools or teen hangouts)
  • send a postcard campaign to current clients with teen daughters
  • suggest hair and make-up package deals (one stop shop)
  • partner with local tux and dress stores, flower shops, restaurants (cross promotions)
  • provide extra discounts for booking group parties
  • take a % off retail products and ancillary items (hair accessories and jewelry etc...)
  • offer prom inspired tanning packages for that extra glow
  • give gifts of trial products for each girl (make them feel like a princess)
  • take before and after photos for your website or myspace page (PR for you!)

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