Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brides, Dads and Grads

Late spring and early summer presents a host of promotion opportunities! From graduates going off to college or joining the work force, celebrating fathers, and the wedding festivities .... there are so many reasons to create excitement (and sales) for your business.

Here are some ideas to get your promotional juices flowing.
  • Partnership - Work with local schools or clothing stores to offer Professional Make-Over packages to get that grad interview ready. Network with florist, bridal boutiques etc... to offer special pricing/packages. Ask to leave promotional materials such as business cards in their reception areas. Include a promotion code to track response. For Dads, partner with local golf courses, steak restaurants, or grill retailers. Offer a luxury shave or King-for-the-Day spa packages. You can group a round of golf or a great dinner with your services. Definitely a hole-in-one!

  • Advertise - This doesn't have to break the bank. There are tons of free ways to get PR in local papers. Find out who your local "happenings" editor is and send them a press release on your partnership opportunities. Focus on how you are helping grads acheive success, or growing local business with your partner efforts. Other ideas - Contact schools, restaurants, shops for permission to leave your cards or menus. Many have free reception areas where you can leave a few materials. Make them snazzy (Action Bag offers free art services if you need assistance) and code them for tracking.

  • Parties - Host events! This could be a Bridal Shower, Power Day for Dad, Professional Grad Days. Package your services, offer snacks, little goodie bags...make it an event to remember. Run a small ad in your local paper, post flyers, send postcards to current customers, or even run a quick 30 second radio ad. Talk it up!

  • Be the expert! - Create a Bridal-Look-Book and have it in your reception area. This can feature the latest styles of hair, nails, make-up etc... Showcase the brides you assisted previously. Graduates want to look the part so create a how-to flyer complete with interview tips, how to dress and look professional (of course tie in your hair and nail services). You will help them look and feed good to secure their new job. Dads can be leery of the salon/spa world. Make them comfortable by creating a men focused area with masculine images and products. Showcase you're an expert in men skincare lines. Men are more likely to be open to the spa experience if you show them that other guys are taking part.

  • Package Deals - People buy more when you group things together. You create a perceived value they are getting more for their buck. You can group complete systems in coordinating retail bags. Add in some free trial size products. Offer a Queen-for-the-Day Kit for brides with your most luxurious items. Dads can get the Power Tool Kit with shaving and skin products. For grads create the Look your Professional Best Kit. Offer various price point kits and viola - sales!

  • Frequent Buyer Programs - Don't let your sales stop at these promotions. Create a reason for the customers to come back. Offer a reason for grads going away to college to come home to visit by giving discounts off services and special offers on retail products. If you are in a college town, create freshmen orientation kits with monthly coupons that keep them coming back. For Dads and Brides, include in your gift bags repeat buyer coupons or punch cards - for each use they get a different discount or free products etc.

The possibilities are endless. Take these ideas and make them your own. If you have run a great promotion, share your idea! You can add a post below or go to our MySpace page and enter our Promotion Contest. Click here to enter.

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