Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring Spruce Up!

I don’t know about you, but with daily pummeling of the economic news, unemployment rates, businesses closing doors, I’m ready for to let some sunshine in! It’s time to clear away the winter doldrums and make your business bright and cheery.

Remember clients are coming to you for a reprieve. Your business atmosphere should be upbeat and welcoming. Whether getting their hair or nails done, massage, facial or a cosmetic procedure – their visit is time away from the reality of day to day life. Here are some easy ways to give your business a spring spruce up (and your sales will follow too)!

Makeover Your Look
How boring is it to see the same display with the same items each and every trip to the salon. (I’m not including the wreath and bow you added for the holidays). If you want customers to take an interest in your retail items, you must make the displays interesting to look at. Make them catch the eye and add some type of wow factor.

Incorporate bight colored retail shopping bags and tissue paper. Place these at various eye levels. On top shelves behind and above your reception area. Then place similar sets at mid and lower shelving areas. Sprinkling them through out your salon. Maybe even smaller retail bags or signage at service stations. You need to make promoting retail a prominent piece of your business.

Use a theme. Suggestions would be roses for Mother’s Day or Pink Ribbons for a causes related promo. Or even go the non-traditional route with other events such as national ice cream week, or stress relief month. Anything can be a promotion if you talk it up. Use a symbol, color, or motto and display it throughout your business.

Create a Magic Table
Take a tip from department stores who have been using this trick for years. Walk in any cosmetic department and you see a circular covered table full of beautifully displayed items. It draws your eyes and beckons customers to stop by. They dress it up pretty packaging and of course the powerful try me samples. This allows customers to experience the product though touch and smell.

Value Packs
The perceived value is greater when customers think they are getting more for less. Sets sell far better than individual retail products. Package up complete hair care systems or skin care sets. Create various price points for low to high. This way you fit any budget and gift giving need. Use vinyl bags, cello bags, or offer gift-with-purchase reusable tote bags.

Put out the Welcome Mat
Have clear and eye catching signage in your front windows, check out areas, shelving and your magic tables. Use acrylic risers to create depth on displays. Use acrylic frames to hold printed advertisements. If an option in your area, use a sidewalk side or billboard to talk up your latest promotion.

It takes only a small investment to add new life to your store. Pick an theme, add retail bags, some eye catching clors, acrylic displays, and some try me samples can do wonders for your look and feel of your business. I recommend changing your displays out at least every 6 weeks. With this timeline, every time your customers visits they are looking at something fresh, something exciting to talk about, and something enticing for them to participate in. Out with the old, in the with new. Brighten up and you will be amazed what follows!

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