Friday, March 20, 2009

Planning Mother’s Day Promotions

It is time to start thinking about Mother's Day Promotions. Gift certificates, gift cards, gift baskets, retail bags... Too big a task to tackle on your own? Let us help you! With our unique, stylish packaging solutions and the below tips you can make Mother's Day gift giving a spring breeze for your clients!

The number one gift for mother’s day is the gift of beauty and body services! Research done over the last few months by MarketSmith Inc show that consumers are still buying but they are purchasing strategically. One item they are still buying are gifts. They might be buying a bit less or not as lavishly as a year ago, but they are still going to buy. You need to take advantage of this and profit this holiday.

Gift Cards & Gift Certificates
This is a must. Whether you are doing an elegant paper certificate or the latest plastic gift card, you need to offer this to your clients. You can order special card designs for mother’s day or stick with your standard stock with your color and salon theme. Don’t forget the packaging. Included a stylish pillow bow with a bow, gift card box tied with custom printed ribbon, or a gift card folder sealed with your logoed label. Make it a one-stop-shop and provide the trimmings. Not only does it make it a no-brainer for your clients, but it increases the perceived valued of the gift to the recipient.

Keys to selling more gift cards -- Place them by your reception and check out areas. Arrange them in acrylic displays in various price points or by services. Add signage highlighting your mother’s day gifts at each styling or service station. Place discrete signs in your restroom areas. This plants the seed about the product without staff saying a word. Have signage in your front windows and decorate your retail areas with a Mother’s Day theme. The gift of your services need to be in front of your clients.

Gift with Purchase
Enhance the gift giving experience for both your client and the recipient by adding in some extras. For your top of the line day at the spa gift, provide an elegantly packaged robe embroidered with your spa logo. Use a robe box tied with your logo printed ribbon. For smaller gift amounts, throw in free retail product such as a travel set of your private label skin care line or hair care system. Again package this as a ready-to-go gift set. Use mesh cosmetic bags or vinyl bags. Provide a token of appreciation for the gift giver. Give them a gift bag full of various trial samples. These can be taking over precious inventory space. Plus they might try something they love and buy it next time they come in. Or provide a discount on their next service or rewards of free products. You’ll be amazed at what this little incentive can do for your sales.

Conduct the Orchestra
Have all your staff singing the same tune. Everyone should have buy in that selling gifts for Mother’s Day is a top priority. Provide a script on what to say. “Are you planning something special for the mother’s in your life? Why not take advantage of our gift with purchase program”. Hold weekly sales meetings to coordinate your team’s strategy, progress to date, and any changes you need to make mid-game. Your staff can be a wealth of information because they are on the front lines but they need a vehicle to be heard and feel confident in sharing. Make everyone accountable with a weekly goal. If they achieve your goal, spring for lunch or prizes for the top performers. It could be as simple as a Saturday off.

Wrap up
Bottom line it is all about value. Customers are still buying but they need to feel they are getting the most bang for their buck. Price items appropriately, throw in some extras, talk it up and spring Mother’s Day sales will bloom!

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