Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Promote your Business

Want to increase your sales? Promotions can help draw attention, build your brand, foster customer loyalty and of course increase your sales!

You might be nodding in agreement. Your business runs typical promotions around the holidays and offers 10% off retail products with the purchase of a service. But are you reaching your customers the way they want to be reach? Are you running inventive promos to get people interested? Here are a few ways to help you create buzz about your business, capture attention, and ultimately get more sales.

Tech Savvy
Use the power of the internet. Everyone is spending more time online from surfing the web to networking on social sites. Place special online only offers on your website and in your tweets, facebook, myspace and beyond. These are free ways to drive traffic to your online activities. They could go viral and everyone will start sharing your offers. Rope in special discounts, free gifts, complimentary service coupons, or promotion codes.

Email Relations
All your clients have email. Are you collecting addresses? Emails are an excellent tool to alert clients of special offers, send out your quarterly newsletter, or roll out a customer survey. You can also link into your website and other social sites. Make the digital connection and start engaging. Make sure it is meaningful, relevant info your clients want or you will be deleted.

Friends and Family Plan
Each one of your clients has a best friend they can’t live without and family members that they always share their latest salon experience with. Use that network to your advantage. Offer friends and family discount packages for clients that refer new customers. Give the original client free products or services as a thank you for sending new business your way. Word of mouth advertising is a glowing testimonial and your original client will be thrill to get some extra perks.

You’ve Got Snail Mail
Fewer items are being mailed these days with the onset of the technology wave. Now is your chance to be noticed in the mail box. You don’t have to spend a lot to have a big impact. Go for inexpensive postcards. There are a ton of providers (including us) that can offer you stock designs and add your unique message. What a wonderful surprise for new customers to receive a thank you note from you. Or what about sending a birthday wish or a just because note to a brighten a current client's day. Postcards can also be powerful promotion tools. Make it look like a coupon and say bring in this card to your next appointment for a discount or free gift.

What’s in your Wallet
Loyalty programs keep customers coming back for more. Offer punch cards or key tags that are punched with each purchase. Give a free gift or extra special discount once the cards are filled. You can also offer VIP cards. Create a winners circle of bronze, gold, platinum clients. Base these categories divisions on number of visits or purchase volume. The benefits increase at each higher level. Make a big deal of your member clients. Use signage talking up the program, tout clients who have moved up the ranks, and share what benefits they recieved. People will want to be an elite member and will do what it takes to get there. Don't forget people open their wallets and purses daily. Talk about repeat brand exposure for your business with your card right there!

Stumped on ideas to promote? Click here to check out our Promotion Planning Calendar to get the creative juices flowing. Creating promotions can be a lot of fun not to mention increase your business!

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