Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Holiday Retail Rev-Up!

Retail sales are one of the professional beauty industry's profit centers and ideal tool for bottom line growth. Here are some proven tactics to increase retail product movement and maximize seasonal sales!

Perfectly lined up shampoo and conditioner bottles look elegant and clean, however they usually only encourage a single product sale. Create ready-to-go gifts by using vinyl bags, holiday packaging, or paper shopping bags with holiday tissue paper. Add complete hair or skin product systems. Design various price points for all types of buyers. Packaged sets create a higher perceived value because the customer is purchasing a group of products. These sets are no fuss ready to go gifts. Buyers simply place it under the tree!

Gift Cards/ Certificates
Gift Cards and Certificate are the #1 holiday gift item! These no-brainer gifts ensures the recipient receives exactly what they want. Display these at your reception areas and instruct staff to talk them up. Offer free gifts with the purchase of a gift card or gift certificate. This free gift can be an add on gift for the gift recipient or as a little something extra for the buyer -- a win-win! For more details on gift cards, check out my previous blog on this powerful retail item!

Magic Table
Department stores have been using this trick forever. Place a draped table in a high traffic point to create drama. Set up a sampling area on the table where clients can try before they buy. These tables are also an ideal location to place those ready-to-go-gift sets. Use acrylic displays to add additional depth and interest. Add try me signs and holiday messaging such as “Holiday Gift Giving Center”. Make it a focal point in your retail area and sales will follow.

Dress Up
You are in the business of selling image so create the holiday look that matches your company's personality. Decorate with tasteful holiday displays in your window and retail areas. Small promotional signs can be placed at your stylists stations – ideal for mentioning gift cards or holiday specials. Reception areas should display gift cards and service menus. Holiday decorations should fit your d├ęcor and business image. Too much holiday is overkill and takes away from the professional ambience, but too little doesn’t sing of the season and encourage customers to see your products as ideal gifts. Balance is key.

A little planning and promotion can go a long way. Please share your successes or other additional ideas with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace. Together we can create a successful holiday season. Happy Selling!

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