Friday, May 28, 2010

Make your sales sizzle with Summer Promotions!

Summer time and can be a slow time for business. Many people are planning a family trip, heading to the beach, or catching a baseball game. This can take your focus away from promoting services and retail products. Stand out from the crowd and get attention by rolling out these simple promotions to increase summer sales!

Sun-Kissed Specials
Many skin care and hair systems tout UV protection. Highlight these products for the month of June. Use these products on guests during their visits. Have your staff promote them while performing services and at check out. Offer an "SPF 15% Off" discount for all sun protection retail products. You could add ancillary retail items such as SPF lip gloss, sunglasses, scarves or hats. All of these can increase your average ticket and increase your sales. Highlight all these products in your retail display, check out areas, and promote with in-store signage.

Beach Body Ready
Spas can offer various deals on helping clients get beach body ready. Waxing, spray tanning, body wraps and more can have special promotions. Alert clients via email, postcards, and in-store signage. Or create the "Beach Body Ready Special" offering a completed package of all these services with a discount. You can increase your total service count without breaking the bank, increase your average ticket, and help your clients look great on that family vacation!

Polka Dot Bikini Sale
Have some fun with the yellow polka dot bikini song! In July put yellow stickers on a variety of products and offer special discounts or free trial size gift with purchase. Have a yellow polka drawing for each guest that month. When they check out have them draw a yellow polka dot card. These cards can offer discounts, free services, gift cards, or even a day of beauty package.

Block Party
Chances are you’re located by boutiques, restaurants or retailers. Partner with your neighbors and create a weekend block party. Place a variety of retail products out on small sidewalk tables. Each business should promote a special offer...such as a discount off all prebooked appointments or free gift with purchase that day. Not only will it draw attention but it also allows local businesses share customers and creates a warm community atmosphere.

Dog Days of Summer
Summer starts winding down at the beginning of August. Time to move all that summer focused inventory and squeeze in those body services such as spray tanning. Launch a dog days of summer sale offering deep discounts on that inventory to get it off your books to allow for holiday products.

These are just some suggestions to liven up your summer season. Anything can be a promotion so get creative. Selling more should always be top of mind -- even in the slower summer season. Add some fun, be creative and make those summer sales sizzle!

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