Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Provide Added Value to Increase Sales

In these economic times, clients are looking for more for less. Many have cut back on their beloved beauty treatments and products, but they still love to indulge in little moments of luxury. Here are some easy ways you can provide added value to increase your sales.

Super Size
Many manufacturers are running specials for bottles with 25% more free or increased sizes. Add these to your retail product mix. You can also add in trial samples with each purchase. Clients love free samples! It will encourage more retail sales and they just might love that sample they tried. Another way to increase the perceived value is by creating gift sets. Take a travel bag or elegant packaging and group products sets such as salon systems, skin care collections, or make-up kits into one price. Clients feel they are getting more for their money. You can also create a variety of price points to meet any budget.

Your retail areas should be easy to navigate with organized shelves, signage directing clients to their areas of interest, and styled for the current season or promotion. Take a tip from department stores and add a magic table. These are draped round tables that highlight a product or promotion. Allow customers to try samples and experience your products before the buy. Clients will be more inclined to purchase if they know what they are getting.

Tie your services and products to a charity or other socially responsible effort Align with a cause that reflects your business and customers, such as breast cancer awareness or going green. Choose to donate a portion of service and product sales. Clients will feel better on splurging if they are helping others. Your business benefits for tax purposes and creating goodwill.

Details Matter
Don’t forget the devil is in the details. If clients are investing in a bit of luxury, you want them to feel the luxury in the experience. Make sure your location is clean, warm, and inviting. Call clients by name and offer hot tea or cool beverages when clients receive services. Include details such as fresh flowers, bows tying up gift cards, and elegant packaging for retail purchases.

Adding more value in your offering will make clients feel they are getting more bang for their buck. Clients will enjoy their experience and moment of luxury - and will want to indulge again soon!

Share your tip or idea that has helped your business add more value and increase sales!

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I am trying to place an order, taking advantage of the new catalog promotion, HR1, but the checkout process will not acknowledge it. Can you help? Thanks, Marta Pattie,

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