Monday, November 22, 2010

Looking ahead – Beauty Biz Trends for 2011

Time keeps ticking towards 2011. Here is a sneak peek at some of the trends to position your business a head of the curve!

Natural, organic products and services continue to gain popularity. The sustainability and green movements are driving innovative lines of hair, skin, and various beauty products. Try offering a new organic retail product line or introduce a new organic-based service.

A broader sense of beauty is showing up in spas, beauty treatments and beauty products. Beauty is taking on a much broader meaning that just the latest hairstyle or nail color. Anti-aging and wellness are tied into being healthy and beautiful. Adding in some wellness aspects of your services and retail lines can keep you on top of this trend. Partner with a yoga studio to offer discount classes for clients or host a VIP event with your local fitness center. Add a line of wellness teas, essential oils, or relaxation cds.

Niche boutique brands or private label
Many salons and spas will see stronger retail success in carrying niche boutique brands or private label retail products. The big brand professional products are getting easier for clients to find through mass merchandisers or through diversion. Carrying a small brand or a private label brand that can only be found at your location will make your retail products exclusive and avoid clients going elsewhere.

Make-up Products & Services
A key item being added to the salon and spas retail lineup are make-up products. Trends in bold bright and dark, earthy colors can be seen in make-up such as nail polish and eyes or lip colors. Align to one line to test the waters. Promote a free make-over like they do in department stores. Tie in organic or niche brands and you could have a retail rock star!

Personalized and Value Added
Look for ways you can personalize your clients’ experiences by having a la cart services or product options available. For retail items such as skin care lines, allow clients to pick and choose the products they would like for in a value priced set. Offer free personalized consultation, makeovers, or samples so customers can try before they buy.

There you have it – some 2011 trends seen in my crystal ball. Don’t be overwhelmed. Pick one or two that most relate to your business and develop a plan to incorporate the trend in the coming year. What are some trends you are seeing? Share your thoughts below!

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