Monday, January 31, 2011

Boost your Marketing Mojo!

We can all become complacent. We settle into the day to day events and processes are on automatic pilot. But where is the excitement for you, your customers, and your brand? Now is the time to shake things up and become a bit more creative. Passionate leaders drive better staff and infect their customers with their drive to please and inspire. Let's re-energize your business image and boost your marketing mojo!

5 Easy Tips to Rev up your Marketing Mojo

1.) Wear your client's glasses.

Each of us have a variety of client types that have different needs and desires. Pay attention to the individual needs of each customer and create a system that personalizes the services to them. Cookie-cutter customer service and sales approaches rarely work. A warm greeting and 10 minute consultation on may work for some clients, but the busy professional may want in and out. Hard sell production techniques could work for some, but others prefer a softer try before you buy approach. Put yourself in your clients shoes and focus on how best you can market and meet their needs.

2.) Use Consistent Messaging

Rise - Lather - Repeat. Repetition is a tried and true marketing techniques. It works because people remember what they continually see over and over again. Use the same logo and colors on all items that touch your customers. From your business cards, your personalize retail packaging, gift cards, salon menus and beyond should all have a consistent look and feel. This increases brand awareness and enhances your professional image.

3.) Devil is in the Details.

Pay attention to the details such as an organized reception area, clean retail and sitting areas, and professional friendly staff. Stacks of magazines taking over sitting areas, gossiping staff who are always on their cell phones, and salon stations cluttered with products can have your clients running for the hills. Welcome your guests with a clean and inviting atmosphere.

4.) Create your 30 second elevator speech.

Why should a customer use your business? Create your unique selling proposition. This is the quick statement that defines what makes your business stand out from the competition. Once define this incorporate it in all your marketing messages such as your business cards and your ads. You and your staff should have it memorized and always being touting the "why us" in elevators, the coffee shop, and even to your loyal customers.

5.) Testimonials tell your tale.

When your best friend recommends something, you usually try it right? Third party perspectives are power marketing statements that build trust with potential clients. Don't be afraid to ask for testimonials and use them on our marketing materials. Your fans can drive more fans and create buzz about your biz.

Brainstorm some ideas with your team on this quick five pointers. See how your business stacks up. Come up with a few action plans and in no time your marketing mojo will be rocking!

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