Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Celebrate your customers!

Loyal customers are the life line of your business. It is more important than ever to take time out to thank your clients for their continued patronage. Here are some small ways to celebrate your customer.

Birthday Cards
Many of us collect new client data via new customer cards. These can be small paper index cards that customers fill out when they first visit. These typically include birthday information (shh.. they don't have to give the year). This data is then entered into your salon database system or a spreadsheet. You can do a monthly pull of all your clients with a birthday that month. Mail them a card wishing them happy birthday. Include a message saying you can help them look their best with a special b-day discount! This makes your client feel appreciated and gets that back in the door bring you additional business.

Their Anniversary
When a client card is filled out also capture the date they become a new client. You can now send them a Happy Anniversary promotion for doing business with you. This message can say you value their loyalty and look forward helping them look their best. Offer a free product with their next retail purchase or a discount off a service. Clients will be delighted by the offer and happy you thought of them.

Your Anniversary
Another way to create buzz and thank your customers is by celebrating your business anniversary. Make it a week event! Decorate the salon with balloons and anniversary signage. You can send out postcards or emails offering a special discount for your anniversary week. Or you can even host a special VIP event for your best clients offering trials of new services and goodie bags of sample products.

Little things can have a big impact. It comes down to making your customers feel special and appreciated. It will lead to long term clients and bring in more sales. There is power in gratitude so share some today!

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