Thursday, April 28, 2011

Be a Marketing Maven!

Marketing is a way to increase awareness about your brand and grow your business. Professional beauty business owners know the services and products inside and out but often could use a little help increasing their business savvy skills. Here are some easy ways to super charge your marketing efforts!

The Pitch
Defining what your business is all about is crucial for customers and your community to understand your brand. Your pitch can be a media kit, business fact sheet, or portfolio. These included info such as the business history, staff bios, company mission, and product/service menus. Think of this as your business's resume. The goal is to pitch what makes your business unique and sells the reader on why you.

Public Relations Contacts
This is an ongoing database of public relation contacts in your industry and area. Examples include local newspaper editors, reporters, TV and radio producers, or industry publication editors. You can meet and greet local PR reps at chamber of commerce or other events. Also look at the sources websites for emails and mailing address. You want these people to love you and your services to help promote your business.

Press Releases
Now that you have your PR list you need to send them newsworthy information. Press releases are generally a one-page document that highlights special events, new employees, or cutting edge services. Need help on writing the perfect press release - click here for my previous blog on "Press Release - How To Guide". The key here is to send meaningful press releases that are worthy of publishing. Avoid PR overkill that can land you on the black list. Be sure to find the happy medium between sending frequently but timely, relevant messages.

Your Guest List
Sometimes we forget to tell our current customers all the great happenings your business is involved in. Keep in mind your clients when creating your press releases. Maintain and continually update email, mailing addresses, and phone numbers of all clients. Tie in some of your press release efforts into your monthly newsletters. Sharing good news drives further customer loyalty and may entice them to take advantage of your new offering or join you at your next charity event.

Marketing is an ongoing quest. Marketing isn't something you set and forget. You want your business to create buzz and be out in your community. With a bit of effort and some tenacity you can be your own Marketing Maven!

Have some marketing tips to share with our readers? Post them below!

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