Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Suggestive Selling - that's not pushy!

Suggestive selling is a technique used to sell retail products in a non-pressuring way. I can hear the collective groan from some of your staff members - but there is a way your employees can encourge more products sales without having customers run the other way. I promise - you can do this!

Here's how to incorporate suggestive selling techniques:

Script - Create short scripts to help start the product discussion with the client. Probing questions such as what are the current styling products or skin care products you are using? What do you like about those items? This lets the staff member know areas which are appropriate to recommend. Providing your staff with key attributes can provide competitive advantages to educate and promote the product. Facts such as... "93% of users said this product added more volume to their hair... or 98% of women saw improvement in their skin texture" provide benefits and data. Ask your vendor for these tips or pluck them off their provided sell sheets. Offer trail free samples with these scrips as a no pressure way to encourage clients to give it a try before their buy. Be sure to note what samples you provide on the client's record and follow up on the next visit.

Prescribe - Another fun to way promote products is by offer beauty prescriptions to each client. This is a creative take on a perscription pad but related to hair, skin, or body services. It can include a touch up color date and recommended styling advice along with what products to use. This is a big winner with med spas for their skin care regime products.

Star Power - Celebrity endorsed brands is a selling magnet. Whether we love or hate the certain celebrity brands they definitely can move retail items. Be sure you prop these products with photos of the celebrity. You can also take this to a more hometown level by working with a local community celebrity such as an elected official or community director. Host an event to tie into their cause and be sure to take some PR photos!

Visual Merchandising - Create an inviting and attention catching retail area. Your business needs to look the part. Copy those retail powerhouses - department stores. Make retail displays that speak to the season, your latest product promotion or upcoming event. Tie in retail paper shopping bags, tissue paper, and promotional packaging of items in group sets. You can also create magic tables (just like those department stores). Take a circle table, drape it with a white cloth, and create a featured display. Ideal for a try me area where customers and smell and play with the products or to feature your monthy promotion such as Sun Care products.

There you have it. See that wasn't so bad! Selling retail products can be fun, adds value for your client's experience - and increases your bottom line. Try some of these tips today and share your ideas below. Happy Selling!

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Its good ideas that we can create a short script about product, all points are nice we should focus on it.

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