Monday, June 27, 2011

Makeover Time - For your Business!

The power of the before and after pictures can be amazing. Your clients know the power of looking good by the services your talented staff provide. You can apply that same magic to your business location. Many of us suffer from tunnel vision of the the next thing on our to-do list and forget that our location is making a impression on our clients every time they walk in the door. Its time for a mini-makeover that you and your staff can complete in a few days. Your clients will be amazed which creates excitement and sales!

The Makeover How To:

Step 1. Take a few pictures of your reception areas, work stations, retail areas and all around your location. Pay careful attention to the "V-Zone". This is the area where clients first enter and get an instant impression. Stand in your front door, outstretch your arms into a V shape in front of you and hence you will see the V-Zone.

Step 2: Print and post these pictures up on a bulletin board. Call a team meeting with your staff and discuss what you see. Make a list of areas for improvement.

Step 3: Next do a walk through of your location with your staff. Discuss what you see making notes of pros and cons.

Step 4: Review the collective lists of areas of improvement. Decided the most important by creating your Top 10 list. From there divvy up the tasks and go forth and attack each area.

Step 5: After all the updates are made, take new pictures. Hang these next to the previous pictures and see the before and after makeover magic!

What To Look For:

If you get stuck at what areas you should be looking to improved, here are some easy areas to zero in on.

Clutter -
Is your reception area cramped or have too many messages hitting the customer? Make it clean so they can set purses and sign credit card slips easily. Have a few up sell features such as gift card displays or a acrylic sign with your latest promotion or event. This allows customers to focus on these items and not get distracted by stuff.

Decor - Is your store screaming the 80's with old wall colors or outdated fixtures or displays? Spruce up the color to natural tones or go bold on a few feature walls. Maybe some new shelves are needed for retail product. A new floor mat or a new waiting chairs could make it look new.

Retail - Do your retail areas grab attention and say buy me? Freshening up your retail displays every 4-6 weeks makes it look new to a customer easy time they visit. Keep products organize, uses signage, and try me areas clearly indicated.

Missed Opportunities - Are you missing opportunities to promote your services or highlight whats new? Small signage at styling stations could discretely help you promote various items and give a stylist the in to mention it during a service. How about a small sign on your restroom counters. Keep it simple but capitalize on all of your space.

Flow - Walk the store as your client does. Is their odd traffic flow pattern that cause traffic jams or bottlenecks? Potentially relocating a retail area or your front counter could help streamline the flow around the store.

Add some quick makeover magic to your location. Take some before and after photos and share with us. It doesn't have to cost a lot to look fabulous so make your business shine today!

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