Friday, July 29, 2011

5 Tips for Successful Promotions

Promotions are a tool to grow your business. Many of us want to do promotions, but we can get stuck in the creative stage and bogged down in the details. Here are some quick hitting tips to help your business offer successful promotions.

1. Anything can be a Promotion
2. Have a Plan
3. Provide a Reason for Customers to be Interested
4. Promote your Promotion
5. Track Results

Its true - anything can be a promotion from a buy one get one free special or event celebrating national ice cream month. Work with your team to have a plan to set details. Determine your promotion or offer, set the dates of the offer, assign team members to work on the various to-dos, and talk it up in your salon or spa with signage, postcards, and email blasts. You need to give your clients a reason to be interested. Ask yourself what is the call to action - why would you response to this. Then roll out the plan.

One often forgotten detail is tracking results. How many people participated in your free ice cream cone day or how many more bottles of shampoo did you sell? You need to know what works and what didn't for future promotion planning. Hold a team meeting after each promo and gather the feedback. Anyone can have a brainstorm that will drive more sales next time.

What is your more successful promotion? Share your comments below and happy promoting!

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