Monday, August 29, 2011

Retail Products - Your Insurance Policy

We constantly hear that beauty professionals loath being a salesperson. Their focus is on their craft and pleasing the client. It can be uncomfortable forcing retail products on customers or using hard sell tactics. Here is an easy way to help re-frame this line of thinking and get your staff motivated to sell more retail!

We all have some type of insurance. From auto, health, home and beyond we purchase insurance as a safety net to protect ourselves and our property. Use this idea to shift the attitude of your team towards selling retail products. Your staff is made up of highly train professionals. Their clients are investing in services to look and feel their best. These services can be expensive( color, straightening, anti-aging treatments etc..). Insure their results with the use of professional products.

This is a win-win for your staff and the client. Not only will the client keep their results longer but your staff has an excellent reasons to offer retail - pride in their work to insure results, making the client happy with longer lasting results at home, and increasing all their final tickets driving up their commissions and sales!

An example of how this technique plays out with a client:

Stylist - "I think this new cut really frames your face and this new color is perfect for fall! What do you think?"

Client - "Yes, I really love it. I'm so glad I went with the more layered look and the warmer color choice!"

Stylist - "I definitely agree. To make this warmer color last, I recommend this color safe shampoo. This helps keep the color in the hair shaft longer that the higher acidic drugstore brands and continues to moisturize to minimize any damage from the color chemicals. I also recommend this new root spray to keep the lift you now have with your layers. Just two pumps and then a shot with the blow dryer here (show client how to recreate at themselves) will give you that volume and won't damage your color. These products are my guarantee to insure the money you invested today makes your new look last as long as possible. Let me walk you over to our check out area with these products and will get your next visit on the calendar. Wow you sure look fabulous for fall!

That wasn't so hard was it? Build trust by making it simple for the customer to recreate their new look at home and increasing the longevity of their investment. Shift your attitude towards professional products as an insurance policy will insure happier clients, happier staff, and increased retail sales!

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