Thursday, March 21, 2013

Create Buying Behavior

All of us in the retail business wish we could sell more.  Finding the perfect product mix, creating the right retail area, and convincing your staff that selling is part of their job can lead to many sleepless nights.  Let’s explore the why and how to grow your retail sales!

Method to the Madness
There are vital aspects to creating the right environment that drives buying behavior.  These might seem like no-brainers however they are often forgotten and are crucial to selling. 

  • Attention capturing display.
  • Easily locate products.
  • Ability to engage with products.

If you want to sell more you need to give clients an area that screams this is our retail product line; we would like you to see and experience our products. Don’t hide your retail behind the reception counter. How engaging is that? Its not! Have an organized and beautiful retail section with shelves labeled to make products easy to find. Organize by product type or the solution the products offers. Create a try-me sampling area. Think of this as the department store floor. This allows customers to touch, feel, smell, and experience the product to determine their purchase. Change up your retail area with new displays and samples about every 4- 6 weeks. This allows clients that regularly visit to see something new each time they enter your location and hence provide a new buying opportunity.

Tricks of the Trade
  • Eye level is buy level. Time after time the most purchased product is the one customers can easily view. This is your prime retail real estate. Use it wisely.
  • Information access.  Provide information such as product brochure display holders next to items. This avoids the pushy salesman vibe and allows clients to self-service when making their buying decision.
  • Keep right. If possible put your retail areas on the right side. Most people turn right when they enter a store so this will pull them toward your products.
  • Education is essential.  Keep your staff up to date on all the benefits of your products. Their one-on-one recommendation is priceless to encourage clients to buy. They need to know the products, your inventory levels, and your overall selling goals to be successful. Weekly team meetings on these details are recommended.
  • Add the social element.  Customer recommendations are powerful purchase driving tools. Create a “rate your product” area on your website or social media areas. This allows customers to share their experiences with your products and that encourages others to give them a try. An added benefit of rate and review is the additional insight to right size your inventory.You can uncover your star products as well as uncover the dogs that need to go.
  • Promote it baby! You can’t just throw products up and hope they move. Talk up your products in all areas of our business.  Create offers, specials, deals, gift with purchase, fun incentives, or cause-related marketing efforts to keep your retail top of mind and drive those sales.
Follow these tips and you are well on your way to improving your retail business.  Have more retail advice?  Please share below. Happy Selling!

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