Friday, April 26, 2013

Special Event Promotions

The warmer seasons are brimming with special events your business can promote to drive sales. From moms, brides, dads, grads, there is a world of possibilities. With so many options it can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to create a plan and reap the benefits of special event promotions!

Define your Strategy
Narrow down who and what you want to offer. Do you want to market to all special events or niche market into specific groups.  Draw up your menu of services and promotions. Examples include bridal party events complete with hair and makeup, Dad’s day of pampering, or the Job Interview Prep Package for recent grads with hair, makeup, and attire tips. Let your creativity flow. Then evaluate and narrow down your offering. You can always add more options later so start small and grow.

Partnership Networking
Special events tend to include many other services and products such as limos, clothing, and food.  Partner with local business to collaborate on discounts or packaging sets such as hair, makeup, limo, dinner and tux discount for a prom deal. Envisioning being a one stop shop driving sales for a variety of local businesses. The cooperation effort allows all parties to share ads expenses driving more bang for your buck.

Marketing Mix
Create a special events menu. Use this marketing piece by placing in your reception areas or pass around town, load a digital version to your website, link on your social media and more.  During key promotional times support your offering with radio, print, or direct mail ads. Don’t forget to advertise at your location. Design retail displays using romantic soft white hues, shimmering tulle ribbon and lace intertwined with retail products utilized in your bridal packaging offering. For prom add punches of the latest promo dress colors, nail polish trends, and makeup. Including signage and your new special event menus. Talk it up and create buzz.

Did you also know there is a secret advantage to special event efforts – new customers! Events usually involve groups of friends and family that are potential new clients. Wow them and don’t forget to capture their contact info. Follow up after the event thanking them for the participation and provide a welcome offer to usher them back as a repeat client.

Forethought and planning make any marketing effort a success. Engage your team and launch your event promotions today. The sooner you get the word out the sooner you start booking!

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