Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Male Market

Father’s Day is just around the corner.  Its time to start promoting your goods and services catered to the male market.  Beyond this celebration, the male demographic is a huge opportunity to grow your business.  According to, the men grooming market is likely to hit $84 billion dollars this year. Yes, that is billion with a “b”!  Here are tips to reach the male audience and get a piece of the market share.

Products and Services
The industry is booming with male focused grooming products. Select one or two lines that fit your target client.  Now that you have the right products, you need to create the services to meet the male clients need. Men liked to be pampered but with a masculine feel. Think shorter treatment times and result orientated services. Offer men’s cuts, color, manicures, body services and more. Add a special section to your existing menu or create a new male focused menu. Guys feel more confident choosing the right service in this format.

The Look
Walk your location and review your marketing materials through the eyes of your male client.  Are you swimming in a sea of pink that might make some men run the other way?  Take on a more masculine or unisex look if you are marketing to both audiences. You could also offer a male focused treatment area.  Don’t forget your retail packaging.  Offer retail bags in black, gold, or silver bags which a guy would be proud to carry out of the location.

It’s Raining Men
Now you have the products, services and look – how do you get the men to join the party? Your female clientele can be the answer. Offer package deals with wives or girlfriends --- think couples spa days for a romantic gift, Father's Day specials, or Men Only Holiday Deals. The next step is to advertise where your target customer is at. Think of local sporting events in the programs, on the radio, at gyms, restaurants, or community events. Once you get the men in the doors, encourage them to come back with loyalty programs, rebooking special offers, and free samples.

From Dad’s to Grads, now is the time to start growing your male clientele. Once the men take advantage of these celebration offers, secure them as regular customers by offering quality products, adding value to their experience, and making them look fabulous! 

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