Monday, June 23, 2014

Charity Event Ideas

Cause-related event participation is a worthwhile effort.  Your staff and clients will feel good to help others. It can also drum up excellent PR and create good will towards your business.  Here are some event ideas and how-to-steps to get you on your way.
Host a Cut-a-thon
This is a well known and successful event.  Donate your time and skills and charge a flat fee for a haircut.  All proceeds will go to the cause you select.  To maximize time and the number of cuts given, create requirements for just hair cuts only. Partner with other local businesses such a coffee shop or pizza place to offer food and drinks.  This drives even more participation and promotion.

Pedi for Non Profits
If your location offers pedicures, sell tickets for a flat fee – let’s say $25. Each ticket is good for a pedicure for the cause and proceeds will go to the cause noted. Host a event for the summer called “be sandal ready and help a cause”.  Keep a running tally of how much you have raised and how many pedicures you give. Post this tally in the store and on your digital marketing avenues. It is will be motivating for both you and clients to see the tally grow.

VIP Auction
Hold a special evening event at your location.  You can charge a minimal ticket fee with all proceeds going to the cause. Offer appetizers and light drinks.  Provide free services such as hand massages and give out goodie bags of trial samples.  At the event auction off gift baskets or service packages.  You can partner other local businesses for donations as well.

Community Participation
With the summer season here, there are many charity walks and community events going on.  Align your business with one that is close to your heart.  Raise donations at your location. Give out trial samples or awareness bands for each donation. Have donors sign a pledge for the cause and hang them around the store. If you are doing a walk, order matching shirts or hats. Encourage clients to do the walks with you. This builds loyalty with your best customers.

Easy How-To-Steps to create a charity event.

  • Decided the event – Pick from above or create your own.
  • Plan the Details – Determine who is doing what and when everything is happening.
  • Communicate – Get the word out via emails, fliers, ads, and social media.
  • Confirm Participation – Check in with those that want to participate and verify they are on board and doing their part.
  • Show Time –  The day of the event get up early and have a good breakfast. Remember the motivation is the cause and make this event great!
  • Share - Take pictures at the event. Tally your donations and participants.  Share this on your digital sites. Craft a press release and send it to your local news outlets.  Good deeds deserved to be shared. Inspire others to support a cause!

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