Monday, November 24, 2014

Tips to Save your Holiday Sales

Black Friday is the official starting point for the holiday selling.  Is your business prepared to maximize your seasonal sales?  If you are having an OMG moment, take a deep breath.  You can still salvage your holiday sales with these tips below. 

Promotional Offers
Target a  few promotions you want to run for the season.  Popular offers are Buy One Get One Free, Free Gift with Purchase, or a dollar or percent off the purchase.  Also successful in the holiday season is the idea of give and get.  If you purchase a $100 gift card, get a $10 gift card for yourself. Determine what works best for your clients and run with it.

Advertise and Promote
Now that you know what you want to promote, you need to create awareness.  Send an email campaign to your clients.  Post your offers on your website and social media efforts.  Create in-store signage in your windows, check-out areas, even at service stations.  Have staff talking up your efforts to create excitement and drive response.

Gift Solutions
Create a gift solution center in your retail area. Set up retail products shelves and a circular table or two.  Add in signage and shelf talkers such as “Gift Solution Center" and "Perfect Presents for the babysitter, teachers, or your neighbors!”. Stock your shelves with group product sets in various price points.  Add products to cello bags, vinyl bags or reusable totes. These ready-to-give gifts are an easy choice for last minute shoppers.  Include stocking stuff items such as small cosmetics, nail polishes, or fashion jewelry. Be sure you have plenty gift cards on hand. This is the #1 retail gift of the season.  Include gift card packaging to create the one-stop-shop gift.  The key to success is presenting your business as the solution for the gift giving challenge.  By offering a variety of gift options that come ready to give, you will drive more sales your way verses the competition. 

You and your team can do this.  Take and evening this week and hammer out the details.  Divide up the work.  There are only 4 weeks left to ring up those seasonal sales.  Make the most of them and start your holiday promotions today!  

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