Thursday, December 18, 2014

A New Approach to Retail Sales

How consumers buy is evolving. We all swim in a sea of TV, billboards, websites, email, social medial and beyond. Selling more retail is a goal for many of us in the new year however, it's increasingly difficult because of all the various ways customers can purchase products.  We need to ask the questions how are these channels influencing buying behavior and how we can use them to our benefit.  Take time now to reimage the retail portion of your business to reap the rewards.

Clients are consistently visiting your location. Create a captivating window display.  Make it unique and unexpected. Attention spans are short, you need to drive their eyes to your amazing retail products.  Take this theme and weave it through you retail displays and check out areas. Change your theme every four weeks. The goal is for a client see something new every time they visit. You retail areas need to incorporate other proven sales techniques such as sampling, promotions, and your staff encouraging retail sales.

Don’t think web sales work in the beauty biz? Think again. There are billions of dollars of beauty products purchased online through big box retailers or boutique brands.  Consumers love the convenience of buying online. Add an ecommerce portion on your website.  Offer your retail products and gift cards. Create online-only specials, volume based pricing, discounts for signing up for your newsletter, even allow in-store pick up at their next appointment.    

Use your Facebook and Twitter as a retail selling tool. Create social media-only specials. Clients need to be a follower in order to access the promo. You can drive people to buy instantly on your website or advertise an in-store special. Creativity counts so stand out from the crowd!

Our phone dependency is not ending any time soon.  Use this tool to your advantage by creating a mobile friendly website and text message your clients. There are vendors that offer these services at fairly inexpensive prices and offer trial periods. Text special offers, coupon codes, or link to a picture posted on your facebook. Tie all your channels together by sending a text that links to your selling website that features a a picture of the amazing new window display made with your best selling shampoo that is now on sale!

Doing what you have always done will get you the same results. Challenge yourself to reimage your retail selling process.  It’s a New Year, create New Sales!

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