Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fashion Trends for Fall - Winter 2015

Straight off the runways and into the big box stores, these seasonal trends will be popping up everywhere.  Take advantage of consumer interest and incorporate them into your store’s packaging, decor, and products. 

Fall Color Guide
The gender-bending androgyny inspired color pallet reigns supreme this fall.  Hot colors include navy, black and gray with some touches of khaki and browns.

Adventure Style
Gear up for a mountain hike or trek across the globe.  Dramatic layers, faux fur, scarves, and subtle animal prints are hitting the market.  Tackle this trend in your packaging using textured alligator totes, animal print frosted bags, and layer bags with different color and textured tissue paper. 

Masculine Energy
Menswear for woman and gender-neutral fashion is heating up. Think uniforms, button down shirts, and blazers. To run with this trend in your packaging choose bags with clean lines and in more masculine colors such as black and white. 

Far Out Fashion
Brightening up the season is throwback seventy’s style. Dresses with a bit of fringe, turtlenecks, and muted retro paisley or floral prints are top styles. Use paisley or floral printed tissue with your neutral color retail bags. Tie tulle or organza ribbon into fluffy bows around boxes to create the softer flowing look.

Trends are used to enhance your current brand image.  You don’t need to overhaul your whole look or product line.  Subtle touches such as using an on-trend color imprint on your bags or retail accessories such as ribbon or tissue can make you business look fashion forward while still holding the integrity of your brand.

How are you incorporating the fall trends into your business? Please share your ideas below!

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