Friday, December 18, 2015

Small Biz Technology: Keeping Up With Big Business

The main goal in retail, or any kind of business, is to keep up with the competition. Small retail chains face much difficulty with this goal due to their small sizes. But that doesn't mean your small retail chain can't compete with the bigger ones. It just means you have to be creative and use technology to your advantage. Below are some technology trends your small business should jump on board with to be able to keep up with big business.
  • Move to the Cloud: According to an article in Entrepreneur, "many small-service companies still juggle a combination of paper, spreadsheets and calendars to stay organized." A lot of businesses are making the move to cloud computing, which allows paper documents and data to be stored electronically. It will make work easier for you and provide good service to your customers. You will also be right in line with your biggest retail competitors.
  • Go Mobile: Mobile technology now allows businesspeople to access their office from anywhere using their phones or tablets. No longer being limited to your brick-and-mortar store opens up new avenues for strengthening your business and reaching out to old and new customers. Mobile apps are a great way to keep in touch with customers as well
  • Start a Customer Loyalty Program: According to Entrepreneur, "in the past, only big corporations had the resources to offer elaborate loyalty rewards programs." However, your small business can offer these programs on a smaller scale, or through new online services that are more cost effective – here is a list to get you started! 

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