Friday, December 11, 2015

Promotional Strategies to Make 2016 a Success!

How does define “entrepreneur?”
A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.
Entrepreneurs take on a certain amount of risk every day, with every business decision they make. What are some ways to reduce that risk? Smart, cost-effective marketing and promotional strategies to grow the business! Below are some easy, cost-effective promotional and marketing ideas to help you grow your business in 2016, whether you’ve been an entrepreneur for one day or one decade.

1.) Begin a Podcast. Welcome to the era of digital marketing! A podcast is an audio file, usually done in a series, that anyone can download. It could consist of interviews, insight on products, or any idea to help people better understand your company and how it benefits them. Be sure to make it content-driven, not product-driven.

2.) Support a Cause. The old saying, you catch more flies with honey, holds true here. People are easily drawn to kindness. By supporting a cause, you'll spark attention from people with similar beliefs. Include a link to donate in your email marketing campaigns, and include information on how you support the cause on your website, in your emails, or on social media.

3.) Send Targeted Email Campaigns. Similar to the podcast, use your email marketing to get important messages out to your target audience – including deals, giveaways, upcoming events, or important industry topics/news. Again, make sure to mix it up between product/service promotions and interesting content. 

4.) Create giveaways. Who doesn't love free stuff? A friendly competition between customers is a fun way to encourage sales, as such contests spread quickly via word of mouth. Also, people get to try your services risk-free!

5.) Customize Your Packaging. Last but not least, something near and dear to our hearts - a customized packaging program, so people will carry your brand with them wherever they go. Contact us to learn more about how to increase your brand awareness with customized packaging.

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