Friday, June 24, 2016

10 Jewelry Trends for Fall

As we head into the hot summer months, it's time to think about how to stock our stores for the fall and important holiday shopping seasons. JCK fashion magazine recently reviewed the fall runway shows and offered 10 jewelry trends that retailers should be prepared for:

  • Choker and collar necklaces: This trend hangs on for the fall and the daring fashionistas will pair them with longer necklaces.
  • Mismatched earrings: This European trend could be finding its way Stateside.
  • Safety pins, locks and hardware: This edgy trend is enjoying a moment, but you'll know if your customers want to go this far.
  • Yellow gold: To pair with the 1970s and '80s styles that are making a comeback.
  • Long pendant necklaces: These also are swinging from the '70s trend and can be one piece in a layered look.
  • Chains and bow: Combining the hard chain look with the softer bows and ribbons makes a dynamic pairing.
  • Oversize earrings: A carryover trend from the spring so you can have another chance to clear out your showcases.
  • Pearls: Pearls are creeping out of their traditional mode, but what's hot are big baroque and colorful pearls.
  • Layered necklaces: One is never enough! Think up-selling!
  • Long drop earrings: Fashions are trending long and the earrings need to hang with them.

Jewelry isn't just for high-end or boutique jewelry stores. Hair and nail salons, spas, and cosmetics retailers, as well as clothing and gift stores can also grab some of this lucrative business for a small investment and nice mark-up - your cash register area is the perfect place to grab these sales! 

As you think about stocking these hot items for fall, don't forget to make sure you have the appropriate packaging on hand as well. Contact us today to get the right size packaging and trendy bags to promote your store.

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