Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bring Summer Color Trends From the Runway to Your Store

Every year fashion shows from Milan to London to New York will set the pace for new summer color trends to spark designer's imaginations and grace the racks of retail and online fashionista websites. Runway designer fashions may be practical and affordable only for pop culture artists and entertainers, but the colors, patterns and general shapes and lengths will translate into ready to wear clothing for the average consumer. For retail store, salon, and spa owners – keeping your eye on the new summer colors can add fresh ideas to your product line and in-store design!

This summer, look for a more saturated color palette that will distinguish summer fashion from the soft pastels commonly worn in the spring. Coral, a pink with salmon colored undertones, will be a popular bright spot in retail this summer. Persimmon has the same pink hue, yet with a tinge of orange to make a dramatic color splash. Pairings of Coral and Persimmon shades with golds, greens and browns will make your space, products, or packaging pop.

Lemon Chiffon and Periwinkle Blue are the new blue and yellow this summer, especially for masculine products, clothing, and environments. However, muted colors will always be “in” for men. Who can forget Kanye West's revealing of his second Yeezy collection which featured only neutral color clothing? Use the beige color palette when in doubt! A natural colored bag with a ribbon, bow, or tissue of a vibrant trendy color will never go out of style!

Dark Teal and Burgundy are two super saturated colors that were popular on the 80's fashion scene and are making a dramatic comeback. The darker the hue, the more bold and elegant of a statement will be made. While these colors have traditionally been reserved for fall and winter fashions, you won't go wrong with these colors this summer – whether in retail design or packaging.

Contact us to learn how incorporating new, trending colors into your brand packaging and accessories can add a refreshing new look to your business!

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