Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Service Evolution

Evolution of your businesses services is the key to survival. Diversifying your business portfolio is similar to your investment portfolio. You don't want all your eggs in one basket. Grow your offering with the addition of new services and products. Evolving your services expands your potential client base and grows your revenue per customer. Let's explore potential new service offerings for your business!

Professional makeup application is exploding. Offering special occasion makeup such as wedding or prom which ties in nicely with up-dos or other formal hair styling services. This can also coordinate with your retail makeup or private label cosmetic line. Many hair stylists are crossed-trained in makeup application or hire your own appointment only makeup artist.

Hair and nails are becoming expected in most salons. The revolution of gel polishes and nail art are light years beyond the standard acrylics. You can tie this to a retail polish line for additional sales. Hire a nail tech or two to start and cross-sell with existing clients. An excellent way to spend coloring time by doing nails and increasing your per ticket sale.

Hair Removal

Waxing, threading, laser hair removal - all are growing. Women and men are willing to spend to be hair free especially in the dare-to-bare summer seasons.  Research the options and certifications needed for your area. This is a great add on service to existing clients or to draw in new business, including that potentially illusive male demographic.

Spray Tanning

Many love the golden glow but are worried about UV tanning. Offer professional spray or air brush tanning. Significant advances in spray tanning avoid previous concerns of looking orange, streaking or blotchy application, or color rubbing off. Spray tanning is very popular during the spring and summer months and for special occasions of prom and weddings.

Body Services

Facials, massages, and body wraps draw a higher price point clientele. You will need to hire properly certified estheticians and massage therapists and devote the proper space for treatment rooms, but the revenue per ticket can be worth it. Body lotions and skin care can be excellent retail products to compliment this offering. 

Start small with one new offering. Do your research on what potential license and certification your state requires. When you are ready to launch, create buzz with your staff talking it up, post signage around your location, send emails, and mail postcards. Offer a discount promotion to jump start participation. Evaluate your investment, time, and response rates. Not everything will be a home run out of the gate. Continue to brainstorm with team members until you get it right.

Service diversification can help guide your business evolution and make you more profitable. Please share your success stories or challenges below. Start growing today!

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