Friday, June 29, 2012

5 Ways to Boost Summer Sales

The beaches, the vacations, the little league games  - all can lead to the summer slow down.  Your chairs, beds, and appointment books seem a bit empty.  Here are some quick tips to liven up your summer sales!

1.  Theme Promotions 
The summer season is ripe with a variety of holidays and events that you can use to promote your products and services.  Think "brides-dads-grads-veterans-the 4th"or get creative and come up with your own event. These are golden opportunities can be your inspirations for special offers. Utilize your marketing channels of postcards, emails, social media, and radio.

2.  Sun Care Products
There are many sun care beauty products that can fit almost any beauty business. From sunscreen skin care and cosmetics, color care shampoos and conditioners for those bath beauties, or even impulse buys such as lip balm with SPF or travel-size sunblock. Create a retail display for your sun-focused items. Talk it up with signage and have your staff promoting through services.

3.  "Hot" Deals
Create a hot deal program with services and retail products. To get more frequent, loyal guests offer a new special each week or tie the deal to certain number of visits during a defined time frame. You can offer free retail products or complimentary add on services. You could set up a special table featuring a flyer on the program and/or discounted "hot summer" deals for a variety of items.

4.  Limited Time Services
The warmer weather can create different beauty needs for your clients. If you offer body services, how about a cooling cucumber facial or body mask. This can help cool skin that has a bit too much sun exposure. As oppose to the dryer winter months, oil production can increase with the water temperatures on the skin and scalp. Blotters, primers, and dry shampoos are excellent solutions. UV protection services and products such as hair glazes or nail polish top coats are excellent additions.

5.  Event Marketing
Host summer-inspired events. If appropriate for your location, hold a sidewalk sale and bring some of your retail items outside or offer a quick hand massage with your latest lotion line. Partner with your local neighbors for a combo-specials such a lunch beauty special where the restaurants caters lunch while your client recieves a service. Participate in local summer community events such as summer reading programs at the library donating gift packages, or sign up for summer parades or charity walks. Pool your staff and VIP clients to help make shirts or even a float. Fun and great PR!

Don't let the warmer weather wilt your business. With a dose of creativity you can boost those summer sales right until the holiday season!

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