Monday, February 8, 2016

Help Every Visitor Fall in Love with Your Business This Valentine’s Day!

The Valentine's Day gifting season is fast approaching, and with it, myriad publications offering tips admonishing consumers to spend less to love more. While cost-conscious customers should not be ignored, the fact remains that "Americans spent almost $150 per person for Valentine's Day gifts" in 2015. By making Valentine's Day special for everyone who sets foot inside your store, you can make prospective customers fall in love with the idea of shopping for Valentine's Day gifts! 
Below are three ways any business can put visitors in the mood for shopping:
  1. Gift with Purchase: Rather than offering a token item, businesses can enjoy substantial conversion rates by offering a truly giftable item with a high perceived value to clients who make specific purchases. A spa, for example, might offer a gift certificate for a complimentary manicure with the purchase of a more expensive facial treatment. By allowing customers to treat themselves as well as walk away with some Valentine's Day shopping done, businesses can tap into consumers' desires to save time and money.
  2. Market Gifts to a Variety of Recipients: It's no secret that many people see Valentine's Day as an occasion to lay it on thick with romantic treats and tasty sweets for a significant other. However, there are those that may not have a spouse or significant other to share the day with. By marketing certain pre-selected gifts to these recipients, businesses can enjoy profits from customers who may not have a sweetheart to shop for, but are looking for items for their close friends, family members, children, neighbors, etc. Additionally, if the seed is planted, even those consumers who are shopping for a Valentine's Day gift for a spouse may be encouraged to purchase even more gifts for other people as well.
  3.  Host an Event: Holding an event on or near Valentine's Day can serve as an out-of-the-box marketing opportunity. A jewelry store might offer a workshop aimed at "Finding the Right Engagement Ring for Your Proposal" and offer champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, as well as their standard expert advice, and perhaps an added discount for attendees who purchase a ring that day. A specialty cooking supplies shop, on the other hand, might charge a fee for an evening of couples cooking lessons that comes with a gift basket of everything needed to make the meal at home.
The ideas are endless but the time frame is short! To talk more about any of these ideas or how to make the gift packaging at any business worth celebrating on any holiday, please contact us.

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