Monday, February 29, 2016

Salons & Spas: Keep 'Em Coming Back!

Clients are the most important aspect of every business. When customers are satisfied, they are 70 percent more likely to tell others about your business. Research has shown that loyal customers spend more money on the business than the average customer. As you can see, customer loyalty is important. Here are some ways that salons & spas can keep their customers coming back.
  1. Create a Loyalty Program – Considering most businesses already have loyalty programs, you need to think of one that clients will love. Maybe a loyalty program that includes a free manicure, discounts, or even a spa treatment for two after a specific number of points or referrals. Put yourself in the customer's shoes and ask yourself, “what rewards would show that I’m valued?”
  2. Listen – Some customers will be happy with their service, while some won't. Be sure to listen and use this feedback to your advantage. Apologize and fix the issue if you can, or offer a complimentary service to smooth over the dissatisfaction until the issue is resolved. Also, being at a spa and salon, people love to talk. It gives them a chance to unwind and let things out. Make your customers feel welcome and comfortable by communicating with them. If customers feel ignored, they won't come back. If you treat your loyal customers like a good friend, they'll return.
  3. Create a Monthly Newsletter – In order to remind your customers that you're still around while they are away, send them a monthly newsletter. Use this newsletter to announce special offers, coupons, new products, customer surveys, etc. Ongoing communication with customers shows them that you value their contribution to your business.
  4. Encourage Re-booking – After providing the customer with his/her service, offer to re-book the next visit. A busy client might not remember to book ahead unless you ask!
  5. Stand-Out – With over 19,000 spas and salons in the U.S. today, competition is high. One way to stand apart is to offer competitive prices. Another is to offer exclusive products that are only available at your salon or spa. However, one of the best ways to stand out is to offer professional services for people with hard to handle hair and skin textures. If you can provide excellent service to people who have a hard time receiving it, you are almost guaranteed a loyal customer.
Make sure when customers leave your salon with goodies, they take them in branded packaging. Contact us to discuss new, exciting products today!

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