Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Into Growth!

Is the arrival of spring inspiring you to think of ways to grow your business, as well as flowers? Below are some tips and ideas that will take hard work, sweat, and maybe some tears – but significantly less digging in the ground!

  1. Brand It! One of the best tips for a small retailer in the beauty, cosmetics, salon, or spa verticals to get more easily recognized is to work on branding the company on a larger scale. People may know you after they have had a service provided and spread your reputation by word of mouth, but make sure they leave with a good visual of your logo and/or slogan. Brand recognition travels just as far as word of mouth.
  2. Market It! Once you have an established brand, you have to ensure you stay “front of mind” at all times – make sure your website it up to date and has solid SEO behind it, and send out weekly or monthly emails with relevant content to your audience. Don’t overdo it, but make sure you touch your audience enough so your brand is recognized.
  3. Package It! Everyone knows the best “impulse” sell is at the cash register. Even if your small boutique focuses on hair, nail, or spa services, always be sure to have items at the register for purchase – and make sure those purchases leave with the customer in a well-branded bag or box! Our talented team can help design your packaging today!
If you want to find out more ways of branding your beauty boutique, salon, or spa, contact us for more information. In this season of renewal and growth, now is the best time to update, upgrade, or refresh your packaging!

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Anonymous said...

Sound advice there! Having the right branding on your packaging and Then getting the packaging seen by the right people in the right places.

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