Friday, April 22, 2016

Study Shows Young Shoppers Want Brick and Mortar Shopping Experiences

While much of the current hype we are exposed to in the news revolves around the virtues of online shopping, research shows that brick-and-mortar shopping experiences are still highly desirable options, particularly for younger consumers. This research, conducted by iModerate, indicates that Generation Z and Millennial shoppers are more than ten percent as likely as their predecessors (Generation X and Boomers) to feel that a physical location is an important element of their shopping encounter.

The study noted that brand perception for all consumers is differentiated by key factors that are unavailable to the online shopper:
  • Convenience
  • Store Layout
  • Personnel
Although these factors can present either a better or worse perception of brick-and-mortar brands, their existence provides:
  • Reassurance that styles and sizes are right, and decreases the chance that items may be returned. Generation Z gravitates towards samples and demonstrations to perfect their product selections.
  • Efficiency - Although online navigation provides ease at the click of a mouse, Millennials require frequent forays into shopping venues to find everyday items. Growing families and expanding employment options draw these young consumers to the one-stop shop.
  • Discovery and Escape is what drives Generation X into physical shopping venues. They are looking for newness and adventure in their shopping experiences.
  • Comfort in the form of low sensory experiences, such as calm music and light fragrance is the goal of Boomers, who also value seating and space.

Physical retailers can take a cue from these revelations, to lure buyers into their establishments by tweaking their in-store merchandising and marketing strategies. Contact us to choose retail packaging that sends the right message to your target demographic and compliments your product and brand.

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