Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lightning Fast Delivery - Just What Small Business Needs!

Amazon, ever the innovator, is changing the way retail delivery works once again. Back in 2005, when Amazon started its premium “Prime” service that offered two-day delivery, many found themselves asking if it was really “necessary”. In the last 11 years, though, consumers have shown that the question isn't whether or not speedy delivery is necessary, it's whether or not consumers are willing to pay for it. In 2014, the same debate started again when Amazon launched its even-more-premium “Prime Now” service that offers delivery as quick as one-hour. The service began limited to Manhattan, but has since expanded to include most major cities in the United States, and some beyond.

Other companies, like Macy's partner Deliv and Uber's UberRUSH and UberEAT, have seen the potential of getting consumers their goods as soon as possible, and have gotten on board with the new delivery trend. Companies like Instacart and DoorDash, services that deliver groceries and ready-made meals, respectively, are also beginning to branch out into the arena of same-day retail delivery.

And while giants like Amazon and Macy's are spearheading the practice of lightning fast delivery, this is an opportunity that seems tailor-made for small, local businesses. The problems that detractors frequently point out for behemoths like Amazon, specifically that near-instant delivery can become a logistical nightmare that would prove prohibitively expensive to expand beyond urban centers, is not an issue for smaller businesses with a narrower focus. Beyond that, as these businesses grow, they can keep same-day delivery in mind while building their infrastructure so as to avoid the same problems that other companies experience while expanding.

Given the trend in, especially millennials, favoring local businesses, this kind of hyper quick delivery could prove to be exactly the edge a brick and mortar operation needs to separate itself from the pack.

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