Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Importance of Un-packaging

Are your online shoppers getting the same treatment as your in-store shoppers? Social media is abuzz with pictures of people showing off products they bought online; YouTube especially has many "Unpackaging" or "Unboxing" videos, where one not only talks about a particular product on camera but also opens the box it comes in.

According to an article in Ecommerce Platforms which discusses the 2015 Dotcom Distribution Packaging Report:

"Unboxing videos are becoming more and more popular, and 35% of the survey respondents actually stated that they had [watched] an unboxing video in the past, and of those 55% said they ended up purchasing the product because of this video."

However, your products will not end up on a viral YouTube video if you don’t add some flare to that e-commerce packaging! We suggest the following:
  • Ditch the plain cardboard box. While you might want to remain discreet with standard cardboard on the outside, print the inside of the box or insert an wrapped gift box within the shipping box.
  • Tie it up. Add a ribbon or bow to the inside package. Or, include marketing materials or promotions in the package, and tie them up in a flattering way with the products.
  • Stuff It. There are many economical (i.e. light) fill options for boxes, including shred or tissue, that help not only protect your merchandise, but also add an extra hue of color and excitement.

Beautify your packaging and see the love for your product rise. Contactus for more information on ecommerce packaging.

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